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2013 Workshop - coming soon
2013 “One should not carry owls to Athens” (German proverb). Figuratively, for the fund industry, this probably means that too many news have no news value.
In contrast to new products, new investment approaches arise more frequently; a return of something well known dressed up in a new outfit. Fund sales and communication often run along similar lines nationally and internationally. Many fund industry phenomena, with a certain degree of abstract thinking, are transferable to other industries. A possible conclusion: a product with “bad” or “mediocre” characteristics leads to difficulties in terms of communication and sales! (“Mediocre” and “bad” need to be understood as value-free terms; these are simply placeholders for “difficult to place added value items for the institutional investor—numerous client sales approaches, many justification arguments, or long-term disinterest on behalf of fund selectors.”) A simple truth that also rings true for the asset management industry, in which, naturally, not only excellent fund managers drive the market.
To remain fair, however, it is important to note that the whip of transparency, for example, makes life difficult for providers in the fund business. Do affected national and international asset managers draw conclusions and consequences for their business strategy based on the position within the greatly contested market or based on their communication with investors?
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2013 The classical target conflict between preserving foundation assets and optimizing returns is a continuous challenge for foundation investors.
Given the current phase of low interest rates, foundations and other institutional investors are looking for investment alternatives. Markus Hill* spoke for IPE Institutional Investment with portfolio manager Dr. Stefan Tilch, Deutsche Oppenheim Family Office AG, about the current conditions of the capital market and possible investment approaches
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2013 Agenda: “Germany-Panel” in Monaco
  • Possible topics "panel discussion“
  • Current Situation “ Germany”
  • Target groups: Investors in Germany
  • Selection - Selectors - Selecting Approaches
  • Market entries – Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • Fund Boutiques: Additional Panel in Monaco
  • Notes to Monaco conversation impressions – “Market Entry to Germany”
  • Administration - Support for market entry
  • Market Research - Survey theory versus direct investor relations
  • Customer contact – organizations, "gatekeeper“
  • Typical errors / pitfalls on market entry into Germany
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2013 Shortage Factor Performance, Communication, and Network
“Our  wealth  is  based  on  communication” This  thought  also holds true for success and failures in light of seed money search, including the area of bond management. Good content or good performance in connection with good communication and smart, systematic  networking  often  serves  as  the  basis  for  successful  efforts to find  initial investors for pension fund concepts.
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2013 Open discussion: Endowments And Asset Management in Germany
Panel discussion (participants are foundation representatives and Markus Hill, moderated by the leading magazine DIE STIFTUNG in Germany) on topic "Foundations and Asset Management in Germany" (interest rates, assets, creative solutions for endowments to survive), Germany on 3 July 2013
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2013 National and International Events: Fund Boutiques, Skittish Deer,
and Hairstylists

“More hunter than game” or  “to see and to be seen”  –these statements often reflect the more or less derogative verdicts of critics at national and international conferences. Frequently, one of the arguments presented is that the “concentration of investors” at many events is too small.
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2013 „As a fund industry location and with its interesting investors, Germany is attractive to foreigners!”
From June 24, 2013 until June 27, 2013, the industry-wide, well-known conference FundForum International takes place in Monaco. The independent industry expert Markus Hill will lead a panel discussion of German speaking  fund  selectors  on  the  topic  of  fund  boutiques.  The  editor  in  chief  Frank  Schnattinger  from  IPE Institutional Investment has discussed with him the current situation of German fund industry
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2013 Paneltitel at FundForum International (Monaco), 26.6.2013
New Portfolios In Search For Boutiques – Analyzing The Demand For Boutique Funds In Germany: Market Growth And Selection Criteria
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2013 Private Label Funds and Selection Criteria of Fund Initiators
Staff and Communication: A Deciding Factor
“Reality is what it is. We do not create reality, yet we can still try to discover and transform it.” At first glance, this highly disputed quote by  philosopher  Hans Blumenberg may sound simple and understandable. An  examination  of  regional  and  national  network  structures  of  providers  and  investors  within  the  asset management industry can lead to interesting conclusions.
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2013 Private Label Funds and Fund Boutiques
Performance, “Dead-Horse Concept,” and Hidden Champions
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2013 Foundations, Asset Managers, and the King’s Children PDF-File 280 KB
2013 Private Label Funds, Luxembourg, and Market Entry in Germany PDF-File 230 KB
2013 Fund-Boutiques-and-Family-Offices, March 2013
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2013 Fund Boutiques  PR_Comm and Sales Opposites PDF-File 250 KB
2013 Real Assets SRI and Institutional Investors_Quality and  Decelleration as Long-term Trend PDF-File 240KB
2013 Real Assets SRI and German Renewable Energy Expertise
PDF-File 230 KB
2013 Real Assets and Family Offices PDF-File 270 KB
2013 Private Label Funds Sales Myths and Goethe PDF-File 250 KB
2013 Sustainability-SRI PDF-File 250 KB
2013 Seed Money Private Label Funds and Butter Melting in the Sun PDF-File 285 KB
2013 Real Assets and Institutional Investors Pressures on Earnings Risk Management and Closed Funds PDF-File 260 KB
2013 Real-Assets and Funds-Boutiques PDF-File 250 KB
2013 Funds-Boutiques-Market-Launch-RoadShow PDF-File 270 KB
2013 Funds Boutiques, Asset Managers and Placement Agents - Mission Impossible versus Customized Service? PDF-File 223 KB
2012 Interview: Markus Hill of MH Services talks about what problems asset managers face entering the German market and how to face them PDF-File 1.8 MB
2012 Consultant Markus Hill on how foreign groups can enter Germany,  August 2012
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2012 SRI investments - Closed-end funds, open-end funds and the grass is greener in the neighbour's garden PDF-File 139 KB
2012 Consultant Markus Hill reflects on Frankfurt, a city that divides opinions (Investment Europe, 04.2012)
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2011 2011 Sept. UCITS Alternatives Conference in Zürich
Link to article
2011 UCITS HFS Index starts positive into second half of 2011, up +0.27% in July,, Newsletter August 2011 PDF-File 2 MB
2011 FX Implementation Day, 16. June 2011, Panel Debate: debating different manager approaches in the FX Market Link to article
2011 Markus Hill Initial Thoughts PDF-File 220 KB
2011 Dear Ignites Europe Readers PDF-File 23 KB
2010 Hedge funds face up to Ucits liquidity barrier (Citywire Financial Publishers Ltd) Link to article
2010 How to succeed in Germany (FT Ignites) PDF-File 110 KB
2010 Two Trends converge: The rise of UCITS III and Fund Boutiques in Germany PDF-File 940 KB
2010 Consultants, Transparency and Manager Selection "light" (efm) PDF-File 190 KB
2009 Observation On Market Entry And Manager Selection
PDF-File 320 KB
2009 Spotlight On Germany: What Is The Significance Of Domestic And Foreign Fund Boutiques? PDF-File 320 KB
2008 Letter from Germany, EFM June 2008 PDF-File 0.5 MB
2008 Hedgefonds and impact on UCITS III, PDF-File 316 KB
2007 efm: Super Fonds
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2007 Bridging the Gap - the use of retail funds
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2007 Small is beautiful - fonds boutiques, is there really something for everyone?
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