Sales and Marketing

How can Markus Hill assist in marketing and sales?
(Examples for potential fields of application and practical projects / consulting assignments)

  • Marketing / Sales / PR

  • Market entry and market development: consulting, research, design ("reality check" / "fact-finding mission", target groups, sales planning, products, customer care, etc.)

  • Sparring partner  on site, feedback, contact point for "Taylor-made tasks" (individually tailored to customer)

  • Analysis, identification, directly approaching potential Marketing / Co-operation partners, personnel (hiring or outsourcing company, identification and initial contact, not headhunting in the usual sense)

  • PR / Media / multipliers - analysis, design, implement assistance (contacts with journalists, "insider circles", increase the networking)

  • Trade shows selection / events, assist in organizing trade fairs, roundtables, road shows (invitation lists, database management, etc.)

  • Role as an independent advisor to client for compatible technical subject